More stuff coming soon!

2015-08-05 07:40:07 by Crunchlins

Hi all! 


I'll start by saying a huge thank you for the support, and welcome to new followers. Much appreciated! :)


I haven't posted anything here in a couple of months or so, simply because I've been so busy, and a lot of the videos I've published to my YouTube channel, use music from YouTube's audio library and I haven't had the time to find appropriate alternative music to replace it for uploading here. 

But fret not! I'm working on some commissions at the moment that are taking up a lot of my time, however I have another episode of  'Animated Me' in the pipeline. Early stages, but it'll be uploaded here when it's done :D 

In the mean time you can find my latest cartoons at where I upload new cartoons every other Friday (Usually)


Thanks for being patient, and much love!



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2016-11-04 15:29:35

Cafe catastrophe was profound. Ten fucking euro for two cups of unmade milkless tea? What planet is she living on